What is College View High School?

What is College View High School

College View High School has been in existence for only a short period of time with our brand new building being erected in 2016. For

the past 2 years, there has been a transition process from the previous Timber Academy model (purely credit recovery via online modules) to the current accelerated model of College View (live direct instruction combined with a variety of methods). As we begin the 2018-2019 school year in August, our student body will be comprised of 100% College View students, with no students on the previous Timber Academy model.

So what does the accelerated model mean? It simply means that we intend to serve those students who have the desire and academic focus to accelerate their learning, yet not necessarily want a full extracurricular menu. College View High School strives to give our students a focused educational experience within a smaller setting compared to the much larger high schools in the community. This smaller setting naturally lends itself to our family atmosphere known as The Wolfpack. Our students have more autonomy as we intentionally try to create a more "college like" environment. We expect our College View students to be highly motivated to put forth persistent effort required both during and outside the school day to possibly graduate early, earn significant college credit (up to 36 hours) during the school day via Dual Credit classes through Blinn College, and/or become trade/industry licensed through our TEEX Fire School Academy. College View also allows students the opportunity to explore their creative side with an innovative, personalized, project-based art program which allows a student to conceive an idea and bring it to life, whether it be graphic design, painting, sculpture, photography, animation, and more.

New course offerings for the upcoming 2018-2019 school year include Animation II, Game Design, Varsity Choir, and Forensic Science. Furthermore, College View offers opportunities for students to be involved in a variety of clubs. The TEEX Fire School Academy will be offered starting with the 2018-2019 school year. Students may begin this program in their freshman year. At the end of their senior year, they will be completed with all of their classwork and will be eligible to enroll in the 21 day boot camp at Brayton Fire Training Field. Students completing the boot camp would then take their certification test through the Texas Commisson on Fire Protection or the ProBoard (for national certification). They would also have training as an Emergency Medical Responder.

All students will have opportunities to learn in a variety of ways such as traditional direct instruction classrooms, real-world applications, web-based instruction, community service involvement, and dual credit with Blinn College.

If you are interested in learning more about College View High School or would like to apply, you are welcome to explore our webpage (https://cvhs.csisd.org) and submit an online application (click here).

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